Things McCann Only Get Better

Pollok FC are delighted to confirm two significant re-signings for 2022-23. First up is frontman Stuart McCann.  He made 46 appearances for the side last season, netting 18 goals, including the first under the new floodlights against Clydebank.

Joining Stuart in signing on again is his brother Gary McCann. Injuries reduced Gary’s appeances last season to 15, with two goals. 2022-23 will be his seventh year in Lok colours.

It’s great to see both McCanns committing to another season at Lok and this means the squad now looks like:

David Brownlie (2024)
Chris Duff (2023)
Dylan Dykes (2023)
Del Esplin (2025)
Adam Forde (2023)
Shaun Fraser (2023)
Evan Horne (2024)
Jordan Longmuir (2023)
Josh Lumsden (2023)
Jonny Lyon (2024)
Gary McCann (2023)
Stuart McCann (2023)
Craig Menzies (2023)
Jordan Shelvey (2023)
Mark Sideserf (2023)

Stay tuned for more signings and re-signings!