Club Statement on Season 2020-21

Pollok Football Club has contacted the West of Scotland Football League stating that the club intends to withdraw from football for season 2020-21.

Yesterday morning (Saturday 10th October), the WoSFL released the results of a survey of clubs in which a narrow majority of clubs voted for football to recommence on 24th October.

Clubs who wished to withdraw were given a deadline of 17:00 today (Sunday 11th October) to confirm whether they wish to take part, or not.

After consultation with committee, members, supporters, management and players, the overwhelming belief of all stakeholders is that it is inappropriate for Pollok to be involved in football while present pandemic restrictions are in place.

As with many matters at present, the issue is complex and multi-faceted.

That said, the overarching concerns of all involved were:

  • Guaranteeing the safety of volunteers and players on matchdays.
  • The financial impact on the club of pursuing a campaign with no matchday income.

While we are all keen to return to our usual Saturday routine after months of restrictions, it would be quixotic for us to jeopardise the physical health of members of our community, or the long-term fiscal health of our club to simply play football for the sake of playing football.

We would like to place it on record that the club’s preferred option was for the league to consider other possibilities, including suspending football until pandemic restrictions were eased.

Should it become the case that other possibilities are considered, Pollok would be more than happy to engage.

However, given the present choice that has been put to us, the only reasonable decision we can take is to withdraw.