Club Statement

Since the issue began to be explored in the early 2000s, Pollok Football Club has looked favourably upon the idea of joining a pyramid.

The question has been how and when this might best be achieved.

Recent developments have again started a wider conversation throughout the grade, namely:

  • the discussions of the Pyramid Working Group having failed to arrive at a proposal supported by all parties.
  • the joint announcement by the Scottish Lowland Football League and East of Scotland Football League regarding the proposed formation of a West of Scotland Football League to start next season 2020-2021

Pollok Football Club has kept a close eye on these proceedings and will continue to review the matter to decide what will best serve the club?s interests. 

The Club understand that the SJFA are still trying to facilitate the entry of the Juniors to the pyramid and any developments on this front will be monitored. 

Our position has been that a seamless transition of all WRJFA clubs to the Pyramid would be in the best interests of all parties but it is apparent that this may no longer be an option.

Pollok Football Club wishes to compete at the highest level possible. In order to achieve this, we will continue to consult with our players and management, peers and membership bodies over the coming weeks to arrive at the best outcome for our club. We will also present options to members and supporters should this become necessary. 

We are proud of our history as a member of the SJFA. Likewise, we are conscious that the club?s committee are merely the current custodians and that our decisions now will have a profound impact on our successors.?

This is a very significant time in the history of our Club. Everyone associated with Pollok Football Club can be assured?that this responsibility is clearly understood and recognised.?