Pollok v St. Roch's: Information for Supporters

Pollok Football Club is very much looking forward to welcoming the players, committee and supporters of St. Roch's to Newlandsfield on Saturday for the New Coin Holdings West of Scotland Cup Quarter-Final.

Since we are expecting a larger than average crowd for this match, and through discussion with the St. Roch's committee, we feel it is important that supporters of both clubs familiarise themselves with the following:

  • Absolutely no alcohol is permitted inside Newlandsfield. Anyone carrying alcohol on their person will be refused admission to the ground. Likewise, anyone with alcohol on the terracing will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Similarly, no flares, smoke-bombs or other pyrotechnics are permitted.
  • Supporters of both teams are cordially requested to comply fully with both of the above, as neither club is reponsible for any expense or disappointment resulting from attempts to ignore it.
  • For the safety and enjoyment of all, Pollok FC will provide stewards on the day to assist with managing the crowd.
  • We would ask supporters to try to arrive at the ground early, as queues may be expected.

The committees of both Pollok and St. Roch's hope that Saturday's game will be an example of the quality and value of junior football with an atmosphere to match. We require the help of both sets of supporters us to allow us to achieve this.