Pollok Football Club and the Battle of the Somme

As today is the 100-year-anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, we look back at an article from the Evening Times (September 17th 1932). 

The article reads:

 An Honourable Item

– And here is an interesting and honourable item. Their roll of honour is a long one. Why, in one battle on the Somme no fewer than eleven ex-Pollok players- a whole team- made the great sacrifice, amongst those being big Alec Thomson, the centre-half whose home was just round the corner from my own. This for the junior ranks, I think, with the credit with which Hearts as seniors were given on account of their patriotism.

See the original article here:

A smaller clipping is from a history article that the Evening Times did sometime in the 70's that mentions it as well. 

It reads: 

Sombre Footnote

In one of the First World War battles in the Somme, Pollok lost no fewer than 11 ex-players.

Lest we forget.