Christmas Draw 2015

The annual Pollok Christmas Draw took place today where a variety of prizes were up for grabs. The club would like to thank our many volunteers that helped sell over 2000 tickets to the Southside community. 

£250 – Valerie Watt 

Kindle – D. Glen 

£50 M&S voucher – M. Keyes 

Case of Wine – T. Gallacher 

SFA Presentation Box – Charles (Victoria Road Carpets)

Litre of Smirnoff – Scott Gray 

Case of John Smith's Beer – F. O’Neil (J. Wiley) 

Winter Car Care kit – H. Geddies, J. Gilligan, F. McNeil 

Litre of Bells Whiskey – C. McKenna 

Bottle of French Spirits – G. Patterson 

Bottle of Singleton Malt Whiskey – J. Fleming 

Bottle of Baileys Cream – Fiona Milligan 

Bottle of Morgans Spiced Rum – D. Robertson 

Bottle of Bells - M. Rattrey 

Bottle of Smirnof vodka – N. Haase 

Grouse whistkey – I. Pait