Barr and Docherty on Clydebank

Richie Barr

“At the end of the day we never really played well and I think Clydebank will feel it a bit harsh that we beat them.

“I think we shaded it a bit in the first half but in the second half we never really started at all and only begun in the last five minutes of the game when we pressed them a wee bit.

“We were lucky to get the goal but at the end of the day they are a good side with a lot of good players and to come here and win 2-1 - you’d take that any day regardless of how you play.

“They are a good side with a lot of good players and are strong at the back. To be fair I don’t think a lot of teams will come here and get a win.

“So for us to come here and not play that well and get a win then we’re delighted with that but the way we played is not really acceptable.

“Although if you play like that and win games, well it’s a funny one, we’re not happy with the way we played but getting a result in our first game of the season is the main one - hopefully we can play a bit better from there.

“Sometimes you are judged on how many goals you score but it is one of those ones where there is not many chances and I’ve popped up at the end with the winner and I’m delighted with that.

“I’m delighted to have scored and hopefully keep scoring and Diack’s scored too so hopefully we have more confidence - we’ve got a good team but obviously disappointed with how we played.”

Stephen Docherty

“It’s the first game of the season and we’ll take the points. The performance wasn’t great but we’ll certainly take the three points as it’s going to be a long, hard season.

“Our performance wasn’t good enough and we know that and every player in there is in agreement. We were probably second to everything in the second half when they were down to 10-men.

“Not many teams will come to Clydebank and take points and when you’ve got Iain Diack and Richie Barr in your team then they are going to score you goals and they’ll produce it.”

“There was no time for them to come back and they were the better team in the second half with 10-men and that is football… the amount of times you’ve been somewhere and took nothing then we’ll take it today and it might someone else’s turn but Clydeank will be fine and they’ll win a lot of games here.

“With the squad of boys we’ve got here we’re expecting a better start than last year but we’re also looking for a better performance.

“We’ll take it all day long not playing well and coming away with all three points at a place like this - it’s the first time a Pollok team has beaten Clydebank in five years.

“We’ve dug in today and we’ve got three points.”

Richie and Stephen were speaking to Stephen Coutts of