JR and McArdle speak after the Beith Match

Our good friend Stephen Coutts of The Dirty Tackle spoke to Ryan McArdle and John Richardson after the Beith game. This is what they said:

Matchwinner Ryan McArdle:

“That is twice in the last two games I have came on and scored the winner.  

“I seen Carlo and he was coming up the side and I don’t think he would have made it so I hit it first time and luckily it went in.

“As soon as I hit it you could see it was already coming across the keeper’s goal and it was already past him so I ran away and celebrated.

“The team is getting there and the team spirit it much better. There are a lot of big teams in the Scottish Cup like Auchinleck and Linlithgow Rose and you never know it just depends on the luck of the draw.

“It’s the luck of the draw and hopefully we can stay away from one of the big two.”


Lok gaffer JR:

“I think the game in general was a cracking game and I think 2-2 would have been a fair result in it. One team to sneak it 3-2 - I don’t think anyone would argue with that either.

“I don’t think anyone would argue with 3-2. The finish, I think they [Beith] have scored in the 94th minute and we sneaked it in the 96th.

“That’s a Hollywood finish and Beith have probably looked at it and thought that they had stole a draw.

“My take is that teams are always at their most vulnerable when they have scored and maybe Beith have thought they have got a draw out of it and switched off for two seconds - and we have nipped in and caught them.”

Ryan and John spoke to Stephen Coutts of renowned world football news site The Dirty Tackle.