A Message from Brian McGinty

Speaking to pollokfc.com earlier today, Brian McGinty asked us to issue this statement on his behalf.

In light of the events over the past couple of days with Stevie resigning and Franny being confirmed as interim manager, I feel it is important to clarify my own position at the club.

Prior to the committee meeting on Wednesday evening, I met with club officials at my request before taking the players for training.

At the meeting, I informed the club that while I had no desire to be considered for the role of Manager, I was willing to assist the club by taking the team until a new manager was appointed. I also stated that I had absolutely no issue if the club wished to appoint someone else on an interim basis and I would revert to my role as a player.

I subsequently informed Stuart McCulloch after the committee meeting had taken place and a decision made, that I would step down from any managerial/coaching responsibilities and make myself available as a player to allow the interim management team to fully focus on what is a hugely important game for the club.

I will be 100% committed to helping us hopefully get a result on Saturday, as I have been since I joined the club two and a half years ago.