Stephen Docherty on Petershill

“You are always looking at a home game to take the first three points but we came back to the ground with a reality check for everyone concerned.

“There was a lot of talk and hype about being in a cup final and beating teams but me and John knew we were beating teams from lower leagues - and no disrespect to them at all.

“And that is us coming up against the Super League teams and we have to score goals and we are sitting with two points. So it is a reality check for the all the boys in there.

“It is a new team we have put together and they have maybe thought we were better than what we were but now we are back on the training park.

“It is a tough one next Saturday against Auchinleck Talbot and we will need to regroup and get the boys going for down there [Beechwood Park].”

With thanks to Stephen Coutts of The Dirty Tackle for providing the quotes.