Stephen Docherty on Arthurlie (better late than never)

We were lucky to take delivery of some quotes from Stephen Docherty giving his thoughts on last week’s Arthurlie match, courtesy of Stephen Coutts, editor of world football website The Dirty Tackle who spoke to him immediately after the match.

Unfortunately, technical problems at our end have meant we weren’t able to bring them to you until now. So, better late than never, here you go:


Pollok coach Stephen Docherty said: ”I do not think the result has particularly helped anybody and I
thought it was very scrappy. There was not a lot of great quality and there was a lot of cancelling each
other out to be honest.
”Do not get me wrong we had two unbelievable golden opportunities that we were expecting the boys
to tuck away.
”Again Scott Morrison has came in for us and has been outstanding in goals for us and he was
outstanding today.
”He had six or seven good stops you would have expected him to make on his day but the chance we
had at the end you would hope to pick up the three points.
”We just need to build on it as it is a long time since we had a clean sheet and we looked solid at the
back. I think we made three changes at the back as we have been conceding a lot of goals.
”Peter McMahon was superb at centre half for us but we need to build on it and I think we have a cup
game next week but the league is where we have got to start winning.
”The draw does not help anyone today and I think Cumnock has picked up a point so everyone has not
pulled away from anybody.
”The games are getting ticked off and it will maybe be whoever wins two or three games that gets a
”I thought there was a lot of cancelling each other out and not particularly a lot of good football as it
was just a battle.”


Our thanks, and apologies, go to Stephen Coutts of TDT Press Agency (