John Richardson

It’s been a funny few weeks, and I’d like to use this platform to speak about the Swift/Crilly affair, results and the Arthurlie game at the weekend.

Everybody’s disappointed to see Stephen Swift go, but I’m especially disappointed with the way he handled himself over the affair. Given the massive outlay the club put out on his signing and wages since he left Medda; for the club captain I appointed to walk out the way he did without a word to myself or the committee is just unprofessional. It doesn’t even matter that whether he’s injured or not; I’d ideally like my club captain to be around the dressing room supporting the other players whatever the case. But either way, he’s gone, and it’s not going to make much of a difference.

Altogether, managing Pollok has felt a bit like a soap opera in recent months, with so much going on with the players that it’s sometimes been hard to focus on the football side of it. And results have been less than great as well, no doubt. But every single person who cares about this football club must stay upbeat. People are going round saying “relegation, relegation”—and do you know what? The more you say it, the more supporters and players alike will start to believe it. But I mean, really, there are still 21 points still to play for. No matter who they’re against, we’ll be taking every single match one at a time. Me and Mitch have been in this position before twice, and twice we’ve done it.

So, to Arthurlie. This is a huge game, for two massive clubs who’re finding themselves in a strange position. We need every single supporter who wants the best for Pollok to get out to Newlandsfield on Saturday, stay positive, and give the boys your all.