JR on Ashfield

"It is a new team and we have had a bit of inconsistency against Petershill and Cumnock we should have done better and Glenafton we had a good half.
We had a good half at Petershill and a great half against Auchinleck it is just about getting a bit of consistency right through.

We got that against Cambuslang and the other night there (Renfrew) and to be fair Wednesday was a leg sapper for us.

It was a high pace game on Wednesday and to kick in Ashfield last week rested seven players in the Scottish Cup.
If we can go and get a level of consistency now and go and battle things out then the results will come for us.

All in all if everyone has patience with us we will slowly start to get results as it was a massive result for the club.
If we did not win today then we would have maybe dropped to the bottom of the league and it would have been a downer after winning on Wednesday.

If we can go and get a level of consistency week in and week out with a new team then we will be fine.
I think with the penalty, the miss, that it has been the first bit of luck we have had this season - a couple of week’s ago that would have been smashed in.

Patience and a bit of support for the boys and we will be fine this year."

--John was speaking to Stefan Coutts of The Dirty Tackle.