Pollok FC and Pollok United Soccer Academy Affiliation

Today, Pollok FC can finally announce details of an exciting affiliation with Pollok United Soccer Academy, after tireless months of behind-the-scenes work.

This move will see our club vastly enhance its recruitment power as well as develop its role within the local community.

The new affiliation, which has been hailed by the Scottish FA West Club Development Manager Danny Bisland as “the first of its kind in Glasgow” , is aimed at nurturing talent at grassroots level and providing players with a clear pathway from youth football to the top end of the junior game in Scotland.

Pollok FC club president, Fergus McDiarmid, said: We’re delighted to make this announcement as it’s significant not just for our club but the local community and the wider junior game in the West of Scotland. This is a major step forward in our quest to reinvigorate junior football and ensure that more top young talent sees its way into our game.

“To us the junior game isn’t a footballing care home for players at the twilight of their career, as some may wrongly perceive. It can be a credible platform and springboard to the senior game and merging with such a terrific academy means these kids are given both a chance to develop their skills and a chance to progress to a higher level of football.

“This is a great opportunity for both organisations to build strong foundations for the future and creates a  pathway for local children to reach the top of junior football. Our hope is that the facilities at Pollok FC and Pollok United Soccer Academy become the hub of the local community and that locals recognise the link and get right behind our organisation.

Andy Elliot, vice chairman of Pollok United Soccer Academy, said: “The wealth of experience that Pollok FC brings will prove invaluable in the development of the soccer academy and we hope this is the start of many great years in partnership with Pollok FC, Glasgow Life and the Scottish FA. The academy is looking to progress to the next stages of the Quality Mark with the onset of our own training facility at Corkerhill, the creation of a strong and vibrant Girls’ section and now the link with adult football at the Juniors.”

“We hope to see many of our academy players along at Newlandsfield regularly on a Saturday and one day be wearing the black and white of Pollok FC.”

The move has also met with approval from the Glasgow Life, with local Football Development Officer Gary Doctor adding: “We are delighted to see the affiliation between two such strong and vibrant clubs with very different stories and histories coming together of the benefit of the game.

“This is the first affiliation of its kind in the West of Scotland and the long term benefits to both clubs should be fantastic. In addition to Pollok United Soccer Academy already being a Scottish FA Quality Mark club, hopefully gaining the second level of award this year, Pollok F.C. will be among the first junior clubs in the Region to gain this award when they are successful in their application.

“We look forward to seeing this partnership moving from strength to strength in the coming years ahead and both Glasgow Life and partners the Scottish FA will be there to support along the way.”