John Richardson after the Glenafton defeat

“On what we’ve seen there, we’ve got a team that can’t defend. I’d go as far as to say that we’ve got players that don’t know how to defend. Our job is to correct that. Will we be able to correct that? Well, that’s debatable. Everyone knows the situation we have, there’s nothing there to correct it with.

There’s guys like Stevie McGregor that have come in, and I think showed they were one of the better players today. He’ll go in and do better for us; Jon Carter will go in and do better for us. If people are willing to take the blows just now—the hard blows that we’re all taking—and show patience…patience…how much patience can you have at a club like this? Really, where we are just now, massive patience is going to be needed from everybody.

I know there are going to be the jokers who come along and want to have a go at me week in, week out. That’s fine, I’m 100% happy with that, as long as these same jokers are going to give me the opportunity to get the players in that I think are good enough to get Pollok back to where they should be.

It’s quite easy when results are going against you to blame the manager, and it’s easy for the manager to turn round and the say the tools I’ve got aren’t good enough for the job. We have got good players here, but what we also have are players who are maybe attempting to punch a bit above their weight, and it’s not happening for them at this level.

The real fans, the ones who give us enough time to change things around, they know that we don’t have the tools or the facilities to tweak things—in fact, everybody knows that. But to those fans who seem to want to come and slaughter me I’d say this: come and slaughter me this time next year, when me, John and Docco have got what we need around the club. But from now on in, they’ll see a different set up and players out who’re not capable of playing at this level—then we’ll see where that takes us.”