Willie Irvine on Beith, Largs and the upcoming Clydebank match.

It’s been a couple of weeks and a couple of contrasting results since my last comments. Obviously I’m disappointed with the defeat to Beith. Overall, I thought the players played well, particularly the defence who were under constant pressure from Beith’s direct style of play. The big problem for me was that we didn’t manage to create anything in the final third, in spite of the amount of possession we had.

We definitely managed to turn that around against Largs. It was really important for us to go down there and get the three points on the board. Barrfields is never an easy place to go and I was pleased with the way we played. We dominated the game and didn’t give Largs many chances at all. The players all played to their potential. To be honest I’d be delighted to come away from any Superleague game with a performance like that!

New to the Superleague though they are, Saturday’s opposition Clydebank are by no means unknowns. They’ve had a few great Scottish cup runs in the last few years. Along with Ashfield, I really feel that Clydebank make our league stronger than it’s been before. It’s going to be a hard game for us on Saturday, because even though they’ve lost their opening games, they came close on both occasions. I’m likely to have my full squad at my disposal for the match, with Darren Brady coming back into the equation after being unable to play last week.

Speaking of Darren, I’d like to welcome both him and Jordan Smith into the squad having recently signed. Jordan is a top centre-back; his organisational skills, his reading of the game are second to none. He’s a top class player and we’re lucky to have him. He’s a real leader on the park as I’m sure fans will no doubt have noticed. Darren’s also a really quality player. He’s an experienced midfielder who does the things that go unnoticed very, very well. He’s able to control games, and has a great sense of positioning and timing. He’s a good tackler and he reads the defensive game very well also. In every game where he’s played alongside McQuilken, we’ve controlled the midfield—and I assure you, that’s not by accident.

I’m looking forward to the match on Saturday, and I’m sure you are too. Let’s all get right behind the team!