A Public Appeal from the Stadium Convenor

Hi Folks,

It may come as no surprise but it takes a mountain of regular maintenence & work to create the Camp New that you love. 

During the close season (4 weeks left) there are about a half a dozen jobs that need doing and up until now it’s been 5 or 6 folk doing this work. The majority of it is done by Campbell & Graham but Davie Ritchie, Big Del, Stewart Fraser & Mandy all help out.

However if i were to tell you that the first 2 of those folk spend on average 15-20 hours a week during close season doing work then i think you’d agree that balance needs addressed. 

What i need from a few of you is a commitment to give ONE Saturday morning over the next 4 weeks to the club. 

We’re particualrly interested in folk with building skills as there are several paving slabs that are dangerous and need reset. 

Here is a list of jobs that need done - 

Paving slabs reset
Breeze blocks on terracing re-concreted (both jobs have the necessary materials & tools) 
Goal posts painted
Track and opposite end of enclosure weeded
Club shop cleaned out and wooden window opening repaired also wood shelves fitted. 

If anyone thinks they can help (free of charge naturally) or would like to help please email info@pollokfc.com or contact Terence Jones directly.


  • You’ll get free tea/coffee & toast.
  • A look inside the Pavillion
  • Your anonymity preserved (if you wish) 
  • The satisfaction of helping the club prepare for the new season. 
  • It will be mentioned in the programme that people helped out 

There will be someone down at the Club EVERY Saturday from 08:30 till 12:30 or later from now till 16th july and beyond. 

Even a few hours of your time would be greatly appreciated. 



Terence Jones,
Stadium Convenor